Black History Month Event: Building Allyship Between Black & AAPI Communities | Feb. 25th @5:30PM EST

Event title: Building Allyship Between Black & AAPI Communities
Date & time: February 25, 2022 @5:30PM EST

Join us on the evening of February 25th at 5:30PM as our expert panelist, Dr. Gloria Ayee, discusses the importance of building coalitions, allyship between AAPI and Black communities in America and highlight shared history of struggle, the effects of the civil rights protests over the past year, and more. At the end of the panel discussion, we’ll do a live Q&A with audience members. This event will be moderated by AAPIC Executive Director, Yasmin Padamsee Forbes.

Dr. Gloria Ayee (she/her) is a Lecturer and Harvard College Fellow in the Department of Government at Harvard University. She is also a faculty associate with the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. Ayee is a political scientist with expertise in behavior and identity politics, and race and ethnic politics. Her research interests center on American politics, comparative politics, human rights, transitional justice, truth and reconciliation commissions, race and civil rights policy, African politics, political institutions, political reconciliation, media policy and politics, politics and popular culture, and immigrant political incorporation.