We welcome you to apply to become a Commissioner. The application period is August 1st to September 16th of every year. Even if you submitted an application and were not selected in the previous years, you must resubmit it to be considered. Please note that appointments are determined by the appointing offices and not by the Commission. Please review the Commissioner Code of Conduct prior to applying and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Current Membership

Commissioners’ terms are below. Each individual may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms or until their successors are appointed. Click here to view the commissioner appointment structure.

NameAppointing AuthorityTerm 1 (# Year)Term 2 (# Year)Terms Ends
Mary ChinGovernor332022.08.31
Mary K. Y. LeeGovernor322023.08.31
Pralhad KCGovernor332021.08.31 (Holdover (until successor is appointed)
Meenakshi Bharath Senate President312024.12.31
Jonjy AnanthSenate President332022.12.31
Haniya SyedaSenate President32022.12.31
Richard T. ChuTreasurer12025.01.10
Ekta SaksenaTreasurer22023.12.31
Danielle KimTreasurer32022.12.31
Gary ChuSecretary of State12024.05.27
VacantSecretary of State
VacantSecretary of State
Samuel HyunHouse Speaker32022.12.31
Betty KingHouse Speaker32022.12.31
Dimple J. RanaHouse Speaker332021.12.31 (holdover)
Nate Bae KupelAttorney General312024.12.31
Megha PrasadAttorney General22023.12.31
Nina LiangAttorney General332022.12.31
Cinda DanhAuditor22023.12.31
Leo L. HwangAuditor12025.01.28
Philjay SolarAuditor32022.12.31