Statement on the COVID-19 Crisis in India & Nepal

The Asian American community is grieving and living in constant worry that our family, friends, and colleagues will become COVID positive or succumb to this dangerous virus. COVID-19 is affecting the Asian American community residing in Massachusetts and their loved ones both here in the U.S. and abroad. Furthermore, there remains considerable concern and collective grief as cases in India and Nepal have skyrocketed.

This crisis is too big for any single country to handle. We must continue to help India and Nepal because it is the right thing to do. Uncontrolled outbreaks anywhere (e.g., USA, UK, Brazil, and India) generated more transmissible variants and put all of us at risk. The B1617 variant is now causing the current lockdowns across India and Nepal and deepening the extreme poverty that millions of people are facing.

The AAC’s role is to support Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the Commonwealth and respond to challenges in whatever way we can—funding, in-kind support, tapping into our networks and rallying our government leaders to provide support.

Many of you have inquired about contributing to reputable charities and relief funds on the ground in South Asian countries. There are many mutual aid efforts focused on addressing the growing public health and economic crises in this region. We reaffirm our support and solidarity for the Asian community living both domestically and abroad and encourage you to consider supporting these important efforts.

India’s COVID-19 Relief Fund

Global Giving ( is one such platform.

The New York Times has also shared a comprehensive list of both national and international organizations:

Nepal’s COVID-19 Relief Fund
Nepal Times (




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