Older Adults Listening Session

Friday, April 14, 2023

Wollaston Senior Center, Community Room

On Friday, April 14th, the AAPI Commission held one of our largest listening sessions in Quincy, MA. We heard from community members and representatives from six community organizations. Special thanks to State Representative Tackey Chan and State Senator John Keenan for attending, listening, and speaking with the community.

Primary Issue Areas

  • The biggest challenge facing AAPI older adults is language access. 
  • Housing is another major issue, including safe, affordable, and secure housing, as well as senior living centers that have connections with ethnic communities, including serving ethnic food and having staff that speak languages spoken by the older adults they serve.
  • Transportation: often infrequent and not accessible.
  • Mental health: older adults, especially those who do not speak English well, easily become isolated, which leads to mental health challenges, including problem gambling.

Policy and Legislative Actions Needed

  • More funding for translation services, including written translation and spoken interpretation.
    • It is important for the government to remove language barriers, and provide support to community organizations for translation and interpretation.
  • More funding for transportation services and affordable housing.
  • Providing funding for culturally sensitive mental health programs, including help for those experiencing gambling addiction.
    • Work to create a pipeline of mental health workers.